Looking for veterinary services in Upper Darby?

Some general things to know about us as a hospital:  

Diagnostics and equipment:  Our equipment and service capabilities includes: 

  – Digital x-ray equipment
  – In-house blood work as well as more complex laboratory services with an outside lab
  – Urinalysis and urine culture capabilities 
  – Microscopy 
  – High quality dental equipment including digital dental X-Ray 
  – Anesthesia monitoring equipment that includes EKG, blood pressure, oxygen and CO2 monitoring.  
  – Tonometry  

Vaccinations:  We tailor vaccines to each pet based on their individual lifestyle, and utilize the American Animal Hospital Association protocol for vaccinations (certain vaccines are given only once every 3 years, instead of yearly).  

Canine Core Vaccines include:
– Rabies
– Leptospirosis

Canine lifestyle-based vaccines include:
– Lyme
– Bordetella
– Influenza

Feline Core vaccines
– Rabies

Feline lifestyle-based vaccine
– Feline leukemia

  • 6 month check ups:  Pets age much faster than we do, and we very often find subtle problems at these checkups that would have caused serious or even life-threatening problems for the pet if they were not found so soon.  
  • Diet: We don’t believe there is one diet that is best of all pets.  Instead, we believe that the best diet for your pet is the one they are healthy and feel good on.  We are happy to discuss concerns you have about any particular formulations/ingredients/brands to help decide what works best for your pet. 
  • Minimizing Stress:  We know that trips to the vet can be very stressful to our pets, and so we utilize a variety of tools and techniques to try to minimize that stress as much as possible.  Tools we use include toys, pheromones, gentle restraint and food treats.  We also, whenever possible, try to minimize your pet’s time away from you for any kind of procedure or diagnostic test, as we know this can cause stress for both the pet AND the owner. 
  • Surgery/dentistry:  Dr. Silverberg performs a wide variety of soft tissue surgery and dental procedures.  Our hospital does not offer orthopedic surgery.  All anesthetic protocols and pain medications are tailored to each individual patient, all of them receive IV fluids and are continuously and carefully monitored from start to finish by a dedicated staff member.